CH Design

In order to showcase my work effectively, I needed to ensure there was a digital presence. The goal was to have it be easy to share and allow anyone to access it regardless of device type or platform.

My previous website was not mobile responsive and used a WordPress. While it was easy to add content with a CMS system, this added bloat and the site slowdowns were noticeable.

CH Design - Code

After some research, I came across Jekyll. This is a way to create a blog-like environment without the need for a database. This meant I could hand-code the site with HTML & CSS / SASS but still utilize features like posts, categories, and permalinks.

Though I am the sole developer on the project, I use Git to version control and keep track of my commits and branches over the years. This helps me stay organized.

CH Design - Design

After the tech and development side was sorted out, I decided to move forward with the designs using a combination of Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD. This helped me visualize everything prior to jumping straight into the code.

Today, I continue to add work and polish the site reguarly. I even decided to host my site for free using GitHub Pages. All of my source code is publicly available at the link below.

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