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Parsons Racing

My Role

Visual Design, Brand Design


This logo and liveries were created to represent the Parson’s Racing identity. Cameron Parson has a longtime racing career in Formula cars, karting, and sim racing.

Parson's Racing - Camaro

Several iterations were required from early conception. As a result, we landed on a logo that displayed Cameron’s love for racing in a simple yet dynamic portrayal.

The logo is currently used on various vehicles, apparel, and other material.

Parson's Racing - Tent Branding
Parson's Racing - Formula Car Branding
Parson's Racing - Apparel

Another challenge I was tasked with was to create a livery design for Cameron’s Camaro being raced in the Trans-Am Series. One of these designs was also adapted to a Corvette he was driving in a simulator race.

Parson's Racing - Livery Designs
Parson's Racing - Sim Racing Corvette Livery
Parson's Racing - Sim Racing Corvette Livery 2

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